Social Media Optimization

Social Media Optimization: The new buzz in Internet Marketing. It is a non-conventional approach to the conventional goal website traffic. Social Media Optimization includes techniques like staying active on social networking websites, publishing articles on community portals, and answering queries on Yahoo! Answers. The general idea behind social media optimization services is to network your website to the web so that if people do not actually visit your website, they at least get to hear about it and see links to it. Eventually, they will visit your website too. Also, sometimes these articles get indexed by search engine bots and appear

How to do social media optimization?

Right Message + Right people + right conversion=social Media

Social media optimization has main tasks

Social media optimization has different stages

Creators: publishing digital media assets to the public websites EX. You tube,flickr.
Critics: comments on blogs, Ratings for the posts
Collectors: RSS feeds, tagging, bookmarking
Joiners: conversation in social network websites and in communities
Spectators: read blog posts, watch videos and listen pod cast

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