Changes have affected organizations with implementation of new regulations, shifts in business conditions, emerging technology and new strategies. In today's increasingly automated world, those changes externally or internally to an organization reflect in its information systems. Enterprise planning is evolving everyday to keep up with changing business needs. Migrating to Latest technologies and use of the recent architectural paradigms (SOA, MDA, EDA etc.) to achieve alignment of business and IT processes.

Maintaining, updating, and connecting these systems often globally distributed is a time consuming and expensive process for internal staff. BeyondByte solution can help its customers maintain and enhance their current systems, or migrate business-critical legacy systems and data to more reliable, scalable, and efficient platforms.Beyond Byte Solution maintenance services are designed to lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) of application portfolio and help leverage the best practices that we have formulated through our years of experience in providing these services to our customers

Beyond Byte Solution identifies the need to change and understands pro-activeness to revolutionize in business environment. We have high performance, minimum risk solution that can transform your legacy application platform to a concrete foundation essential for future system modernization of large, complex data and expansion.

Legacy Application Migration

Lack of documentations, lack of skills in legacy technology and applications; the end of life of many old application platforms; and high license fees, causing the cost for operations and maintenance of legacy systems to constantly increase, and consume valuable resources which could be otherwise invested in innovation are few of the challenges faced my many of the IT firms today. Legacy systems prevent companies from rolling out new products and services in a timely and cost-efficient manner. As a result of which most enterprises, at some level, appreciate that, they must migrate their applications to remain competitive. Legacy migration helps to lower the cost of IT operations and maintenance. Our legacy migration offerings include: